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Generic Name Details
Aciclovir View
Adapalene View
Azithromycin View
Betamethasone View
Betamethasone Valerate & Neomycin Sulphate View
Ciprofloxacin View
Clindamycin View
Clobetasol Propionate View
Clotrimazole View
Docosanol 10% cream View
Doxepin hydrochloride 5% View
Doxycycline View
Econazole Nitrate and Triamcinolone Acetonide cream View
Econazole Nitrate,Econazole Nitrate (vaginal tablet) View
Erythromycin View
Esomeprazole View
Flucloxacillin View
Fluconazole View
Fluticasone Propionate BP 0.005% w/w View
Fusidic acid & Hydrocortisone cream View
Hydroquinone 4% cream with sunscreens View
Hydroquinone cream View
Ketoconazole View
Levofloxacin View
Mebhydrolin 50 mg View
Miconazole Nitrate and Hydrocortisone Acetate View
Miconazole Nitrate BP 2% View
Mometason Furoate BP 1% View
Mupirocin ointment 2% View
Prednisolone View
Tacrolimus INN 0.03% & 0.1% View
Tazarotene 0.1% w/w View
Tetracycline View
Topicazole Cream (Miconazole Nitrate BP 2%) View
Topicazole Plus Cream (Miconazole Nitrate and Hydrocortisone Acetate) View
Triamcinolone View
Zinc Oxide 40% w/w View

Sorry, drug not found

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